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My site had been updated on the 11th of Dec 2003 !!

There's also a new page!! click it at the menu to enter.

Welcome to My homepage

Hello there, I'm here to give you a tour for my site. The use of this site is actually built by me to communicate with other people, changing opinions and a platform for me to give information to all visitors. What you can do in my homepage is now you can play games, chat, send forums , view my picture gallery and many more. This site will be updated by time to time.Please send me your comments if there is any weakness in this site. I hope you enjoy your tour.

Listing of Site Updates

20/6/2003-Now you can play games online in my site, send forums and chat.

18/8/2003-I've added new picture about me and my family, check these out on my album page.

27/9/2003-I just changed the color of my site and update some of the content. Hope you enjoy!!

9/10/2003-There's a new Friends club! Post your picture to me and some of your info.

16/11/2003-I've manage to update just a few content coz i've got no enough time to do..and to all visitor send me about what kind of content should i put please send your comment in my guest book

1/12/2003-On the eid mubarak i've manage to capture some pic and you could see it on the photo gallery page.

11/12/2003-New page had been added called the Do it yourself page! and i've update the content in the Movies page!

I will informed to you from time to time about my site updates
Do send your comments about my site new look!

About my site

This site is mainly for people to gather information and changing their knowledge about topics and other things.I'm sorry about all the weakness in this web, i will try my best to make my page more interesting. I hope you would send me your suggestion about this site.

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